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Striving for




Who's Who

Leadership Team

   Miss D Dunning - Principal and Safeguarding Lead

   Mrs L Miller - Assistant Vice Principal

   Miss L Crook - Lead Learner - EYFS/Early Reading Phonics Lead

   Ms A Green - SENDCo

Foundation Team

   Miss R Tilbrook - FS1 Teacher - Busy Bees Class

   Miss L Crook - FS2 Teacher - Learning Ladybirds Class

   Mrs J Hartshorn - Teaching Assistant

   Miss N Lloyd - Teaching Assistant

   Miss A Purshouse - Teaching Assistant

Key Stage 1 Team

   Miss C Harrop - Y1/2 Teacher - Ash Class

   Mrs E Pounder - Y2 Teacher - Willows Class

   Mrs J Wilcox - Y2 Teacher - Cherry Class

   Miss C Whitmill - Teaching Assistant 

 Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Miss O Keywood - Y3/4 Teacher - Maple Class

  Ms A Green - Y3/4 Teacher - Elm Class                   



   Mrs I Cheetham - Teaching Assistant

   Mrs S North - Teaching Assistant

   Miss A Cliff - Teaching Assistant

   Mrs T Finney - Teaching Assistant

   Miss S Platts - Teaching Assistant

Upper Key Stage 2 Team

   Miss L Sales - Y5 Teacher - Sycamore Class


   Mrs L Miller - Y6 Teacher - Beech Class

   Mrs E Beesley - HLTA

   Miss A Dickinson - Teaching Assistant


   Miss B Handisides - PE Specialist 


   Mrs L Moore - Inclusion Lead and Deputy Safeguarding Lead

   Mr B Wheatcroft - Senior Education Welfare Officer 

Lunchtime Staff

   Miss F Lister - SMSA

   Ms J Swannack - SMSA

   Ms Kimberley Couldron - SMSA

                       Ms Katie Grey - SMSA

   Ms Jean Brown - SMSA

Kitchen Staff

   Ms Joanne Watson - Catering Manager

   Ms Kerry Hilman - Assistant Catering Manager

   Ms Sandy Smith - SMSA Catering Assistant

   Ms Bev Goodwin - SMSA Catering Assistant

Admin Team

   Miss B Kelly - Finance Administration Officer

   Mrs L Purcell - Receptionist / Administration


   Miss L Cole - and SMSA