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STEM stands for sciences, technologies, engineering and mathematics.

As well as developing skills and knowledge in each individual subject, STEM related education and training aims to develop young people's ability to work across subjects and link ideas through project-based learning.

Our primary STEM (Science Technology Engineering Maths) curriculum consists of the following subjects; Science, Computing, D&T and Maths.

(Please see these individual subject pages for more details)

The concept of STEM learning is to combine Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths to create something that is greater than the sum of its individual parts. Combining these subjects together helps our pupils understand how the subjects can be applied in real life. At BJA, we believe it is important to teach STEM as it enhances the children’s learning in these key subjects.


To teach important transferrable skills that include critical thinking, problem solving and


To inspire and engage children in STEM subjects.

To inspire the future scientists and engineers.


We aim to bring learning to life by providing hands on, stimulating activities. All pupils from Foundation Stage to Y6 will take part in STEM tasks and the processes they work through are as important as the final outcome. Pupils learn to be creative, think outside the box, problem solve, work as a team, develop curiosity and resilience and much more! They benefit from seeing a project through from the planning stage to the evaluation and are always motivated by the challenge.

STEM is taught in a variety of ways; through topics that include cross-curricular link, as stand-alone ‘hook’ activities or as part of enrichment days and weeks. Each challenge begins with an enquiry question and from there the next steps are endless. Pupils research the topic, brainstorm ideas, plan their approach, build prototypes, test their effectiveness and improve their products. Each activity has a purpose and enables our pupils to see how what they are achieving relates to the real world.


Our aim is to nurture enquiring minds and to promote, develop and celebrate the children’s natural curiosity and embed a true love of, and passion for, learning.

Children will develop the skills of research and development, learning that we must fail before we succeed. Building resilience and innovation for the leaders of tomorrow!


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