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Elm (Y3/4)

Welcome to Y3/4 Elm Class!

Elm class teacher is Mrs Green

Supported by Mrs Cheetham, Mrs North, Mrs Cliff and Ms Finney

This page is for our parents and children to use together. It includes information about what Y3/4 are learning, key dates, homework and helpful websites. Our focus this year, is to increase children’s confidence with their times tables and encourage them to continue with their love of reading. 
As our Golden Pledges state, we will respect, support, and be kind to each other to ensure our success throughout the year.

Our learning…

Autumn term 1

Our topic this half term is the Romans. In this unit, children will learn about the impact of the Roman Empire on Britain. Children will look at why the Romans invaded Britain and what made them successful in doing so. Children will also understand that the Romans were not welcomed by all Britons but quickly settled to become a relatively peaceful area within the empire and left an important legacy for future generations. Children will also learn about Roman lifestyle and Boudicca’s revolt. Children will continue to pose questions about the unit with increasing independence.  

Key vocabulary




In science, we are learning about teeth and digestion. Children will understand that every part of our body needs food – for energy and for growth and repair.  Students will also learn that the purpose of our teeth and digestive system is to break our food down into small enough particles so that the blood can carry it around. We will look at key parts of the digestive system and their roles, including different types of teeth. A key skill which children will be focussing on in this topic is classification. Children will identify animals as herbivores or carnivores depending on their teeth and be able to describe the function of different teeth as slicing, cutting or grinding. 


Key vocabulary:




In English, we will be reading ‘Romans on the Rampage’ by Jeremy Strong. We will be writing letters to persuade the chief to choose us for an upcoming chariot race. We will also be writing our own non-chronological reports to provide information about the Romans. 



Year 3 – Place value with 3-digit numbers. 

Year 4 – Place value with 4-digit numbers. 

Regular practice of times table facts up to 12 x 12 is beneficial. 


In computing, we will be studying the internet. We will look at different websites and their features. We will also learn how content is created and that we can't trust everything we see.



Our artist study this half term is Antoni Gaudi, which closely links with our Romans topic. We will look at and discuss Gaudi’s artwork and use this to inspire our own mosaics.


Important information

Our PE days are on Mondays – Year 3 and 4. (Year 4 require a swimming kit)

Our Language lessons are on Thursdays – Year 3 French and Y4 Spanish.

Our weekly spelling tests are on Thursdays. New spellings will be given weekly and stuck in planners. 

Homework will be given out every Monday and will be due the following Monday. Please ask your child to ask at school if they require additional help/ explanation from the teacher to complete a homework task. 


Everyday equipment 

Children should ensure they have a water bottle, reading book and their planner daily.

Planners are checked on a Friday to monitor the weekly reads. Children should be reading at least 4 times a week and this should be recorded in their planner. Children - don't forget to move your marker every morning on the reading board to show that you have completed a read. This term we have a swimming theme!

Key dates

November 16th - Parents' evening

June 2024 – Multiplication tables check for Year 4 pupils.


Useful websites

Our learning so far...

We enjoyed fitness day!

We enjoyed finding out about India on our first week back. We drew the Taj Mahal, tasted Indian food, found out about Indian inventions in history and learnt about the plants and animals of India.